Lois is here

And got the car, she walked over last night to collect it.

Always so good to see her. She has a lot of dogs and a houseguest staying right now so home is very lively.


My uneducated and angry take regarding Wagner’s ‘attack’ on Russian military headquarters:
This is a false flag operation, Wagner attacking Russian headquarters; when Putin genuinely doesn’t want someone on the board, he takes them off. Anyone who thinks Prigozhin isn’t following orders or serving Putin’s will doesn’t understand his value; he can be the one to nuke Ukraine (because Putin isn’t killing Ukrainians fast enough for him) and then Putin will step in to restore order and have the true fear and respect of the world again. A coup is not happening; it’s being threatened to terrify Putin’s enemies.
The Ukrainians have to be prepared to join the Japanese in history. Putin waved his hand and a dam broke; he’s mined a nuke plant; what next.