From my mind to the world

So I thought about calling friends yesterday, and instead out of the blue Tish called and Keith called and that was pleasant.

Did three turns around the upper park with Jeff yesterday. Suzanne has come and gone and the bathrooms are shinier.

My bloodwork came back and while my kidneys aren’t exactly failing, all the numbers are seriously out of whack; this accounts for my lack of appetite and powerful urge to be unconscious most of the day I reckon. Since the only change that will make any difference is diet, I feel like I’ll never eat anything good again in my life and just have to suffer through this ongoing mania for calories and tastiness by eating things that ARE NOT TREATS. I had a hardcooked egg and a salad for breakfast. I don’t know what else I can do.

Sent 1350 words off to mOm yesterday.

I’m supposed to go to Paul’s in a couple of hours. I feel wretched, and poopy.