wander past

I love this picture of us together. This is a country I visited, but I did not expect to stay. It’s before I stopped dyeing my hair. It was before I was unemployable. It was before I knew how much fun he would be to hang out with (he didn’t like me much that first year.)

If you think I’m conflating this with throwback Thursday, you’re wrong. You have no fucking idea how much of a tourist I am in this picture. lol

I pray for the peace of the world and especially for my lovers, neighbours (ie people who live in NW WA) and people of colour in the US today.


Inaugural Wandering Wednesday


Not going too far from home for this first pic.

Here’s Keith, up at Pemberton, about to get into this total stranger’s car (actually he was a buddy of the guy who ran the soaring club, Rudy, now sadly passed in a midair collision in 2013) but I love his posture… he is GOING PLACES, and I love his hair, and the scenery is quite something.

Paul and the kids used to spend weekends up at Pemberton camping just off the runway.  He’d bring water back from the spring at Nairn Falls, which is really wonderful tasting water.

and all the way up there is still MST country.

2021 – the year of living ancestorily

So for 2021, this blog is going to change up a bit. There will be at least one drafted post that goes live every day. (I’ve started pre-posting awready.)  The hope is that I will put together useful or historical facts or just … information that’s easy to find arranged by subject PLUS post a song every day.

Now this involves many different KINDS of posts; some will be PDF’s, some MP3s, some videos, but there will be a song a day. I thought about posting it to youtube, but…. it’s a toxic waste dump that I have virtually no control over. And yes, some of the song posts will be from previous posts, but there will be a particular category: Song a Day 2021

And then, if I have the energy, I’ll write about laundry and cooking and grandson goo and boring domestic shit and progress on my writing projects – that none care about but me.

The point is that I am going to highlight my lifetime of achievement because I’m tired of always thinking to myself that I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. Taken all together, why yes I have. I was autistic and had ADD and mental health issues the whole time, too.

I’m considering password protecting my content or at least some of it, and I’m considering moving the blog to a VPS, after non-definitive discussion with Jeff.

I’m also thinking about money and immortality, a lot, but it’s nothing bad. I just want to eat steak for a thousand years while I drink beer and write nasty shit about misogynist slurs like Jordan Peterson.

By the way mOm the cat poets are Lu You and Liu Zhongyin

Not going outside