Winter blahs

After the creative surge of November comes the dreaded deeps of midwinter, made somewhat better by there being more reflected light with all this snow.  But I have the blahs right down to my toes.  To quote a song I wrote a long time ago, “I feel like I’m swimming in glue”.


There’s only one thing to do:


Last night I dreamed that Paul and I confronted an antisemite, and Mr little weaselly guy ran through the whole range of arguments all based on the premise, “Jews is bad” and of course you can’t debate with somebody like that, just hope you can get through to their kids before  they are entirely poisoned.  At the end of the ‘debate’ for such it wasn’t, he pulled out a gun and said, “I don’t need facts when I got me one of these.”  Paul and I had to jump off the architectural equivalent of a cliff to get away from him, and then I woke up.

That was a seriously weird dream.