what is that moose doing there?

Dateline someplace in Alaska. Yes, that is a moose fifty feet above the ground. No, this picture was not photoshopped. Yes, this was a freak accident. No, the moose didn’t make it. Yes, somebody got to eat him. No, this accident could not have been prevented. That is why it’s called an accident.

As best we can reconstruct this tremendously weird confluence of events, while an electrical crew was tightening the cable for this project, using a dirty great winch, a moose decided to get tangled in the cable. Nobody is entirely sure what motivated him to charge the cable and get his rack entangled, but that is essentially what the poor son of a cow did. As the crew was many miles away they had no way of going, oops, what about the moose? Picture his discomfort and surprise as he got hauled into the air. The cable crew detected (I’m not entirely sure how) that there was a problem, and went down the line to have a look, at which point I’m sure they ran out of epithets, because of course then they had to get the poor son of a cow down, and he wouldn’t quit thrashing about, so they had to shoot him, because the locals who ended up eating him commented that really they didn’t want him tranquillized when they already had a gun handy and the tranquillizer would render the meat unfit to eat.

Normally I run cute animal pictures, and I know that there is nothing funny or cute about this picture. It’s just surpassing weird.