Her eye is upon you

Sheesh, I forgot to blog today. Musta been having too much fun. Paul’s gone off to Courtenay with Dan T and his son Nicolas; Katie cleaned her room today (check for which direction the sun rises in tomorrow morning); we purchased replacement parts for our LP turntable and Jim P has kindly agreed to help me set it up tomorrow evening; Jim P and Carly have safely arrived and now we’re just stooging about waiting for the cinnamon buns to get out of the oven; Keith found my athletic pass to the Canada Games Pool (and when I said it was a sign from God he said, Yeah, get your lazy ass out and get some exercise; I am feeling much better now that I know that I do actually have something wrong with me but it isn’t serious enough to really rivet the attention of an endocrinologist. John is off filking at the V-Con and I am just really happy that my bed is only about 4 metres away. Picture is something at random from my files.

a big apple

Jamie Corston of the UK grew this apple. It is apparently not the largest apple ever grown in England….. but cow manure was involved.

Today is going to be a combination of running around, sitting still and work avoidance, so it will be a pretty typical Allegra kind of day. My tarot reading last night turned up Death, the Tower and Judgement, but reasonably well placed. I don’t mind when Death is in my past, and as for Judgement Day, isn’t it always in the future? Isn’t it always today? The happy family situation will continue for a while.

I checked. The sun did rise in the east this am. Gotta waken Katie in half an hour, she wants to be ready when Lexi gets here. Sent Keith out into the garden; he plucked herbs (mostly spearmint) to bring back to put into a bowl with boiling water so he could inhale the steam and we could get some air into him. He’s not breathing very well through his nose. This extremely funny family anecdote, involving a handkerchief and dimsum, deleted as there was no way to get the point of the story across without being really disgusting.

I assume Paul got to Courtenay okay; the cops haven’t called.