Puddlin’ along

Got back from the Puddle last night, where I regaled my poor intimates with the first two routines I wrote (I am still in the Aren’t they Cute rather than the Murder your Darlings phase) after Paul made a detour through Ratlands – still can’t believe he wanted a burger after working out, so I ordered two, knowing Katie would want one, and Katie is sitting at the computer when I come through the door saying, dreamily, “I think I’ve GOT something for you,” so I come over to the computer and watch Mosh. The tune itself is nothing special; I suspect that’s quite deliberate, because Marshall Mathers is one of the smartest people in show business; however the lyrics are a masterpiece of opinionated bile and the cartoon itself is brilliant. I had read the lyrics and had no idea how they were going to be integrated into a video. Poor Paul. Afterwards he is struggling to be kind about it and finally I helped him about by saying, equally pityingly “It’s not Dylan, is it?” and with relief he said yes, and I answered, “But Dylan never f&cking well bothered to explicitly tell black kids to vote.” Paul lives in a world where subtlety still counts. And it does… just not the way he’d like it to.

This song comes too late to influence the election, because voter registration apparently takes time, but what Em has managed to do is fuel the rage that will cause the post election riots I was warning everybody about in a previous post. Everybody was horrified when I predicted that. I may have guessed too low. On Halloween we’ll find out whether the Redskins will beat the Packers because that will indicate whether the incumbent will win the election or not. I know it isn’t true, but I feel comfortable using it as a predictor… it’s a very American way to predict the future, like Yarrow Stalks are the essence of China. Actually I just had a really hilarious idea… that somebody should invent an American I Ching which is all about predicting the future based on who wins what on Astroturf etc, and includes baseball, hockey, football, and celebrity divorces. The election is, of course, still too close to call.

Anyway, if you want to see Mosh, it’s on Launch, as is Just Lose It. Also very very very funny that he would put the funniest song on the album out first, and then a very angry one indeed. The only thing that scares me now is the notion of Eminem getting religion. Slim Loki, wherefore art thou Eminem? Well, it’s time to get my rear in gear and do dishes and haul Festive Biscotti out of the oven. By the way, if I refer to any recipe as Festive it’s because it has dried cranberries in it. One of these days I will provide my Festive Meatloaf recipe. Ya know what!? It’s good, ask my mother.

While I was in bed this morning I thought of the entire curriculum for an Adult Religious Education program. There’s just one problem. There isn’t a church in the lower mainland that wouldn’t tell me “You have great ideas, but we’re not ready to do X-treme Church yet.” Okay, I admit it. I’m an XUU…. Xtreme Unitarian Universalist.