Carly soccer

Jim and Carly are off to a soccer game in North Van and then to the excruciating pain that is the ferry situation on a long holiday weekend in Vancouver. He uploaded all the pictures he took so I will post some before I fire them off to his email address. The pork roast was absolutely exquisite and the rest of the food was okay— everybody seemed to enjoy it. Veg was salad, pan fried parsnips, yams, broccoli with home made cheese sauce and of COURSE potatoes, in this case new potatoes boiled in their jackets. Because Carly is a pollo vegetarian, I had to cook a turkey breast for her, but when we got to the market there was not so much as a shred of turkey meat in the joint and I didn’t feel like running all over town finding some, so I bought a boneless chicken breast instead.

Then I brought it home and went Jeezly Hell, how do I cook this? So I wrapped it around a celery stick and a couple of garlic cloves, dumped it in a corningware pot, dumped a five ounce can of coconut milk on it, covered it with pepper and salt and as an afterthought tossed in some fresh lemon juice. And stuck it in about an hour after the roast at 300 F; it cooked for about an hour and a half. Anyway, Carly devoured it with loud cries of glee pronouncing it extremely tender (it was) so I was VERY relieved because if she’d hated it, I would have been embarrassed. Pic is of one of her games…. she may or may not be in the picture.

As for the roast, what is there to say? You take a hunk of pig, cover it to the gills with sauerkraut, put the lid on the dutch oven and cook for 3 hours at 300. Damn but it was good… and there were leftovers! We had applesauce too, yum. Whole thing was Katie’s idea, and much as I love Keith it was a relief to cook a meal without worrying about what HE would eat.

Power went off twice last night briefly. No idea why. I was asleep at the time. Now I get to find out what marching orders I have from Paul for the day… and tomorrow, back to work! Paul got in about 1. He says he was very happy to be home.