Woke from a very detailed and bizarre dream; my family and I had just moved to an island in the Pacific and were just straightening out issues like refrigeration and getting along with the neighbours when all of a sudden a dirty great typhoon blew up. I walked into a terrible wind and watched two and three story waves crashing over the headland and realized that where we were was not more than a couple of feet higher than that. We felt paralyzed. There was no point in making preparations; we were going to either drown or get pulverized or some particularly unpleasant combination of the two; we had heard on the radio that the people who were supposed to evacuate us were concentrating on a place with more people and less hazardous conditions. I fell to my knees – more or less because I was too scared to stand – and prayed to God not for a miracle but for the fortitude to bear the next few hours. I can still hear the wind noise. The dream started on a nice balmy day and rapidly deteriorated. At one point I looked up and identically shaped ragged clouds were going by counter to the breeze on the ground at about 100k – not exactly what you’d call calm conditions. Very intense and detailed dream.

Still feel like scrap but no sense complaining.

Dealt with our fruit fly situation a la Hoover this am, while Lexi and Katie looked on in amusement. Katie forgot she was supposed to be going to work out and so sat up swearing and assembled her crap in short order. Wish I’d known, I’d been up for about an hour and could have spared her the embarrassment.

Paul and Keith off to Victoria for the weekend. Paul is finding the course challenging, but that’s good; it’s even better knowing he can handle it.

So Kerry won the debate. Or is winning the spinmeister’s brannigan subsequent to the debate. Jumpin’ Jimmy Christmas, I thought all he had to do to win the debate was to stay conscious. And what’s all this about >Kerry< flip flopping on Iraq? If you look at a time line on the Iraqi handoff, as envisioned at the commencement of the war, a certain Chalabi character, whom Bush was relying on to keep the peace after the troops pulled out (yeah sure) was in there earlier as the big saviour. Maybe they should have picked someone who couldn’t speak English, I don’t know. The guy was a frikkin Iranian agent, American sleepers! Wake up! Bush is a traitor! While he was playing shell games with the gay marriage ban and No Child Left Behind, he pillaged the treasury, handed off incredible chunks of your child’s future to Halliburton, and took more vacation time than any president in almost 100 years!! He’s using your Christianity and your sense of personal responsibility as a plaything, and you’re thanking him for it! It’s like the American Right is an abused wife, going back again and again, because the kissing and making up is so nice and “He says he’ll never hit me again!” That’s the level of self-deception we’re talking ’bout here. The people who can see it are disgusted – they want to kidnap her, or give her a shake – but she’s not ready to leave yet. When will she be ready to leave????

Pic is my granny. Or maybe something else, I can’t pick it until I’ve actually hit send, which is just one of those things you learn to live with.