Board meeting

Feeling much better these days. Board meeting was interesting. The tarot reading back in December of 2003 indicated we’d be in our own building within 18 months but I was left feeling farther away from the idea rather than closer, last night. ESPECIALLY talking to Tam-Tam about her church in Toronto made me feel a little less sanguine (I called her this morning, mostly to get a report on how she’s doing since she broke up with her squeeze).

On one hand it’s very very difficult to get into a church without swacks of cash and even bigger swacks of debt; on the other maybe we don’t want a ‘real church’ building at all but should consider other models for getting a building, including cohousing with a business, or another not for profit organization, along the lines of what happened in Nanaimo or Edmonton. Who the hell knows. It was interesting to find out that there’s a spring on the property.

At least the church looks to be out of the woods financially for the next year, which makes life a little easier. I was juggling sums last night trying to figure out how to raise my pledge without raising Paul’s ire. Off to work.