Joni Mitchell ‘River’

Don’t feel like posting, so I won’t, much. Saw Joni Mitchell River last night which is a sort of concert play based on Joni’s music. It was interesting, but not entirely successful; it had ‘moments’. I’m not used to being in the front row, and having cried so much in the last little while it was really hard to keep my eyes open, so I ended up not really watching the show except in bits and just listening to music. Musicianship was uniformly excellent.

The last time I cried this much in this period of time my cat had just died. I figured I had stopped last night but it just started up as soon as I woke up this morning… had to phone my mother to make it stop.

I bailed on the pot luck at the North Shore church tonight; I’m just barely going to make it over to Peggy’s for the canvass meeting as it is. I would put my mood as fifty fifty tremulous exhaustion and blank despair. No, (she said) I am not suicidal. Suicide is for people who don’t know that chocolate heals all wounds. So I ate a chocolate croissant and Katie’s putting on tea water for me.

Very very interesting Tarot reading last night. Matt had FIVE major arcana come up. Katie’s was “You are working very hard and you hate school”. Keith’s was “You will have a successful career but a big change around the home front is coming for you”. Mine is the usual, quit avoiding what you’re avoiding and get on with your life. Some things don’t change.

That’s Jan with a fungus.