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2005-04-23— Posted by: allegra

Innards. Yes, we all have them. Paul participated in a medical study so he’s off to have a CAT scan of his chest today.

I am hoping to get Katie up before noon so we can go look at renting a bass. We shall see.

After I got home last night we had a bit more of a Buffy fest. John had not consistently watched all of season six, so we watched the last three episodes of season six. Once you watch them more than once, you’re looking at all the background stuff, the way the set is decorated and the music and the little bits with the extras coming and going. The music is usually really apropos – I love the way when Willow grabs Giles’ power, the music goes all sixties freakout. Very funny, and subtle if you’re otherwise occupied. I just love the guy who plays Rack, so I looked it up and discovered that he’s played by Jeff Kober. Yes, he’s a scary looking individual, but I think that warlock is really quite cute.

Keith has made coffee, bless him. Paul’s doing yoga in the living room.

Pic is of Aureum Chaos on Mars.

Such a sapp
2005-04-23— Posted by: allegra

As I’m walking up to the wicket I see a fragment of Johnny Depp’s hand from a poster, mostly hidden behind the door. I buy two tickets for Sahara, watch it and enjoy it thoroughly. I have an epiphany about Johnny Depp, something to the effect that it would be rilly rilly cool if he ever played Le Petomane. I remember reading one time that Michael J Fox had a desire to play Le Petomane in a film, but the times were not right and alas he became ill.

Depp, on the other hand would be a gem of such fine water… it would so auger the sproing back into my step, and make the massage oil flow. And stuff.

Play the Sahara tape now. Plug disguised as a movie review. Take a plot that makes spun sugar look like structural steel. Lightly toss w/ one guy with a killer smile, truly fine abs, an ability to read his lines without sounding like an idiot, and who looks like he’s enjoying every bloody minute. Drape gracefully over two sidekicks, one male and a paragon of goofy usefulness, and one female, and gritty and smart and really cute whether she’s in safari gear or an evening gown (she gets an evening gown scene!). The opening sequence had me holding my mouth open. I want to see the movie again just for the opening sequence. That’s where we get a feeling for what kind of guy he is from the crap he’s got on the wall. It’s great, there were some just lovely little touches. & then there’s William H Macy in a great strong cameo. I recognized Oumou Sangare on the soundtrack (I had seen the closing credits and so knew to expect it). Now, since the last one disappeared, I’d better post this.

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