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baby octopot
2005-04-15— Posted by: allegra

Easily disgusted? Don’t read this
2005-04-15— Posted by: allegra

I am very pleased to report that tea tree oil works GREAT for jock itch. Apply and remove in the shower. One word of warning, however; if you get it on your mucosae, not only will you sing in the shower, you will dance as well. Those of you who didn’t take my warning will be saying “I SO did NOT want to know that.”

UniJihad names
2005-04-15— Posted by: allegra

John’s Unitarian Jihad Name is Brother Tonfa of Friendly Persuasion. Keith is Brother Daisho of Inherent Worth.

Paul is flying to Japan, can you believe it? He has to work on an airplane and then fly back tomorrow. Hope he is successful and gets enough sleep.

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