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Not Enough Sleep
2005-04-07— Posted by: allegra

Is everybody holding their breath for the Pope’s funeral? It’s like there isn’t any news happening, or something.

Canada leads the world in the delivery of government services via the Internet. Hmph. However the Accenture study still says that none of the government departments ever answer their bleedin’ phones (emphasis mine, and not stated well or accurately). I left a phone message to get a certified copy of my divorce decree and subsequent to a bunch of emails got it for free, so I guess I can’t complain about the state of service delivery in this fair land.

Unless I get up at 6, which I no longer do because I’m going to bed as soon as I can, like 9 o’clock, and getting up as late as possible, like 7, I have to cede the computer almost immediately to Keith so he can do his morning routine.

Had a dream about frogs last night, it was most amusing and the last thing I dreamed before I got up. There was a frog highway in the trees, and some of the bigger frogs kept missing the exit ramp and tumbling. The kids were no longer their current age – they were 10 and 8 again – and the three of us stood around giggling because it looked so funny.

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