shitposting in 2019 for 2005

RRRR! Can you believe it???? Somebody is reading this blog, deciding I’m being disrespectful to Paul, and emailing him for his comments. Paul, being very used to my ‘whims and humours’, reviewed the offending paragraph, and went hunh?

Well, buddy, you go back and read this blog, and you will see that when I am not whining about Paul, I am praising him to the skies. And it isn’t just the fact that he turns to mush when he sees baby animals, or how well he looked after Keith in the hospital, or how he prevented me from throttling Kate, or cuddled me after a nightmare, or sang “The Street Where You Live” in the car while I practically cried with happiness, or made me laugh a thousand thousand times, or loves to be read to, or he’s one of the most competent and well rounded people on the planet, or that he shares much of my spiritual outlook, or because he’s grown immensely as a person in the last 20-odd years, it’s because of this: Of all the people in the world who have reason to hate me, he’s definitely the one with the grievances. But he loves me, and he proves it every bloody day. Everything I know about forgiveness, which is the kernel and essence of love that lasts, I learned from him. So there. I suppose I could fold my hands together and never say anything bad about Paul again, but he’d just poke me in the ribs once in a while and say, “You KNOW you want to say it!” and bloooooosh, Vesuvius. He knows me, and I know him. I wouldn’t live with anybody else for all the oil between China and Taiwan! And I love him more than I could possibly say, although I have tried to put it in poetry, which you obviously haven’t read! And I’m not going to pretend I’m never annoyed with him, because that would really misrepresent what is essentially a growing concern. RRRR!

2019 SEZ Janice Murray, who was very cheerful about ensuring that Paul got out of his relationship with me a few years later, is the person I’m whinging about here. She can go fuck herse’f. I could say any manner of rude an’ actionable things, but…. nah. She’s got the life and the face she deserves, and I need no part of either.

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