more paint at the Augur Inn

Robby the Bomb gave me a ride back to the Augur Inn last night and picked up the kindergarten table and chairs which my Granny gave to my parents back when I was a wee tad.  It was odd to be giving furniture that has been in my family for 45 years to somebody else, but Robby (and his amazing wife Char) have been most excellently good to me and my family for many years, and they have two soon to be school aged children – and he said they’d bring it back for my grandkids, ha ha, so I felt pretty happy about that.

I painted trim and doors and carried garbage downstairs and cleaned the upstairs bathroom until I ran out of tile cleaner. Keith said he was really upset about all the changes – he only just came to this realization and it’s making him feel very odd and displaced.

Tonight, Dinner at Tom and Peggy’s.  I may pick up a couple of the frozen salmon and bring them back here: Paul can have the rest as he still has the barbeque.

Paul moved into his apartment yesterday. 

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  1. I feel for Katie and Keith. As tough as it is for you and Paul, your kids must feel like they’re loosing their home base. Hopefully, they will learn that “Home is where the heart is” and that they have loving a loving Mom, Dad, Grandparents and other extended family where they still fit in.

  2. So has Paul moved into an apartment within your house or an apartment outside the house?

  3. He moved into a three bedroom apartment at the end of the alley facing the retirement home. The cats have apparently transitioned reasonably well.

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