I knew that Katie’s boyfriend’s court date was Monday, but apparently with the move (Katie and her mom in common-law are moving again) and the Grad and everything it slipped everybody’s mind, so nobody went to court.  To bring everybody up to date, Dax laid a beating on Katie for her birthday last year.  This is a matter of established fact and he already entered a guilty plea, so it’s not like I’m jumping the guilty until proven innocent gun.  The court date has now been set for the 3rd of July.  I am perhaps alone in the family in wishing this were over?

Grad tonight.  Weather right now is mixed wind and sun with your big fluffy clouds.

I slept about 12 hours yesterday; I suspect I’m trying to throw off a bug.  I bailed on Jericho – I just slept and slept.
Anybody who wants to see a very cute baby skunk, click here.

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  1. I hope you (and Katie’s extended family) have a wonderful time and takes lots and lots of pictures!! Jenn’s graduation was a monumental success — enjoyed by all. Princess Jennifer had her entire staff (Mom, Dad(s), Grandma, Grandpa, Boyfriend, etc.) running full out. This gave me a glimpse into my future — IF THIS IS THE HIGH SCHOOL GRAD, IMAGINE THE WEDDING!!!! Family won’t be enough, we WILL have to hire outstide help!! From the dress and fittings to the flowers to the Limo to the shoes — well I can’t explain it, I guess you had to be there, BUT 4 cars were busy running errands AND the boyfriend was on the phone with the LIMO driver asking him to move back the pick up time (in addition to running errands) AND then it took another hour to get out of the driveway.

  2. Oh, and at the grad ceremony, Jenn got a standing ovation. One other student a Chinese boy (who is a genius) also got a standing ovation. So, ENJOY, we mother’s live for these moments/memories.

  3. Oh, and Jenny is home for one week from California. We picked her up from the Syracuse airport and will drive her back there on July 3. I don’t know her reasoning for returning home. If she was home sick, we will never be granted access to this information. Maybe she thought she better get home before her mother was hospitalized for incurable depression as a result of Empty Nest Syndrome?? Whatever the reason, it sure is good to have her home!!! It should be a busy week.

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