6 thoughts on “Another reason to have Prius envy”

  1. Hats off to IKEA for supporting the Green Program. Every little bit helps to reduce emissions and crank up awareness!

  2. Hey, what’s with the guy with the line on used EVs? Rusting in whose driveways? Anyone see “Who Killed the Electric Car?” The claim is they were all rounded up and crushed, against the lessees wishes. In the early 90s. Indeed, the claim is that the GM and Saturn EVs were only for lease, not sale. So how do owners have them rusting in driveways?
    I’m so confused…

  3. If you want used EV’s they are generally homebuilts, not the GM and Saturn ones. There’s actually quite a few in Vancouver and there’s a very active club that a couple of my ex-coworkers are involved with – which is no surprise as they are now at a startup that makes chargers for electric vehicles (you can actually see their products in the background for a couple of the shots in Who Killed…. which I still haven’t seen shame on me.)

  4. Damn and we just cancelled our subsription for DVDs from ZIP.ca in favour of Bell Express Vu. What year was this movie released?

  5. Who Killed the Electric Car came out in 2006. District 13 came out in late 2004, hint hint. Really fun action!!!

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