Augur Inn, small amount of dancing, glorious family news

Really, I should have eaten something last night; that would have fixed it so I wouldn’t have had to be bear led back to Patricia’s. Must remember to lay down the carbs before the alcohol. You would think at my advanced age…. didn’t stop me from having a good time though.

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned at the Augur Inn today. Paul drove me and Keith back to my place and now we’re waiting for Katie….

The listing agreement will get signed tomorrow and the sign will go on the lawn then. We’re expecting it to take about 5 days to get on the MLS after the listing is signed and then the weekend after that we’ll have our first open house. We’re putting it on for… well, let’s see what it says when we’ve signed the agreement, don’t want to count my chickens.

Speaking of counting chickens, Keith no longer has to wonder about school. He has been accepted into the Dispensing Optician program of Douglas College and I am so proud I could burst. But I won’t, that would just be gross.

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  1. Nutrition note: when intending to imbibe, it is protein that you need to load, not carbs. Your liver will thank you.

  2. Yes…. even a lowly burger would have done the trick….. I wasn’t hungover, just really freaking tired.

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