Damn the lad

I asked Keith how I looked in the dress I bought for Katie’s Grad, and he said, and I quote, “It looks fairyish – if there is such a thing as a lumpy, lopsided, over-the-hill fairy.” Then he tried to make it up to me by telling me I looked like something out of Neil Gaiman. Gee, thanks…. I must git vingince. Keith is staying the night but I don’t know if he’ll see the morning at this rate.

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5 thoughts on “Damn the lad”

  1. Allegra, after a comment like that, we really need to see a picture of that dress!! Keith will either learn what things to say (like most men do) OR maybe he is destined to be a stand-up comedian.

  2. Anybody wondering where Nautilus3 is should be aware she’s travelling in Saskatchewan and tripping gingerly over the family skullingtons, etc. She may have access to the internet once while she’s gone.

  3. Actually, I was wondering where everybody is (except for you of course, since you have been keeping up on your daily posts). Looking forward to the Grad pictures for sure. Will there be a formal dance for the graduates?

  4. Sounds like Keith has inherited his grandfather’s total literal mindedness. Try something like “tell me how great I look in this dress or I will kill you” if you want a less socially inept response. Anyway, you may be backing slowly into stage one of “if you live long enough to get old you get ugly, and if you live longer than that you get disgusting as well.

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