3 thoughts on “Safe in the arms of a bear.”

  1. Is this manufactured at the company where Brother Jerome works. I remember the picture of him in the bomb suit. Besides military applications, I think this technology would be useful to Parametics, Fireman and Hospital Nurses in situations that are unsafe for humans and also for heavy lifting of larger patients!!

  2. Brother Jim – who lives in Kanata and is not my brother – had a brief stint at a bomb suit manufacturer. He has now returned to the Hall of the Sugar King (Rogers). Brother Jerome, who is not my brother but whom I have informally adopted via presentation to my mother as my adopted sibling, works in the Hydrogen Trade here in Vancouver. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to keep any of this straight. At some point I’m going to do a clickable dramatis personae, and what a giggle that would be.

    The usefulness at hospitals – especially when you’re doing something horrific like evacuating during an emergency – would be large.

  3. Yes, I guess I got that turned around. Coincidentally, I have two brothers — they are named Jim and Jerome (I kid you not). We refer to Jim as Brother Jim, because there are so many Jim’s attached in one way or another to the family AND because Jim has taken his bible studies very seriously. Jerome has his Masters in History from University of Guelph and teaches history in an Oshawa High School.

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