Nothing to say

…except I made a herculean effort to clean my apartment, and now it turns out that nobody is coming tonight!!!!


OH NOZ…. I guess I get to go home and surf the internet in my skivvies instead of getting tech support.  Rob of Nine is putting an offer in on a house in Langley so he won’t be able to help me with my computer. 


Then, tomorrow, a memorial service and then a party at Brother Jerome’s.


Ran into Brian C in the liquor store last night and he gave me a ride home!!!  See how little it takes to make me happy.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing to say”

  1. Nothing like “companies coming over” to push housecleaning to the top of the priority list. As you know, Jim has been on a quest to clean, dust and disinfect our house of allergens. Sunday was week 4 for the current allergy filter on the furnace and it seems its effectiveness is declining rapidly. Jim’s boss gave us a recommendation for a good book — “1491: New Revelations of The Americas before Columbus” by Charles C. Mann, rated 5 stars on the Chapters web-site. Good for a quiet night at home?

  2. Just so, Debbie. Your Herculean effort, Allegra, netted you a clean apartment and a quiet evening at home, surely a first in MONTHS.

    Speaking of books, I just finished Christopher Hitchins’ God is Not Good, and am still reeling.

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