One thought on “Somebody’s hung a webcam on a cat”

  1. I so wish we had this technology when I was a kid so I could hang it on our dog Caesar. Every morning, he planned his escape carefully. When the newspaper arrived there was no stance that he couldn’t out manoeuvre. Up an over my back while bent down, a dash between my legs, etc. Think 5’8″ stick girl in Grade 9 vs heavy set male black male labrador retriever. … I always wondered what he did in a day.

    I bet we would have seen some interesting things on a web cam — Harassing farm animals, chasing after the ladies, fighting with the local competition, etc. Oh and my personal favourite, scamming steak from the dog catcher (daily) without being caught. The dog catcher used to come to our house infuriated. He just didn’t understand – we ABSOLUTELY did not let the dog out on purpose!!

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