Well, that was fast

Joined Crackbook yesterday around 4 o’clock and I have 17 friends already, all of whom I have met in real time BUT if you took out my coworkers I’d be friendless as a Grandview Highway squeegee kid.  I’m trying to get at least one virtual facebook person (hopefully the amazing dude in Belize) by the end of the week.  Collect them all.  I’m counting down to the first p!ss!ng match, personally, ah one, and ah two.
Keith is here, me happy.  Katie will come by to work on homework later on today.  Around 4 I’m going over to L.E.’s place to hang… SO looking forward to it, she has lots of lovely family news and will be doing her one woman show in Toronto (the Joseph Workman theatre…) in September, yahoo.  She’s my recovery Gurutrix.

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