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  1. “For that matter, if one is actually to follow his argument to its logical conclusion, schools would be forced not to teach anything at all”

    Well, it seems they aren’t teaching reading, writing, or arithmetic from where I stand, so maybe this campaign has already succeeded. 7 years ago my sister pointed this out to me, as she continued to school her boys after they got home from cllass.
    I don’t suggest for a moment that schools are not teaching anything; it just seems that the basics of education, still pursued everywhere else in the world, are foregone (or is that just ‘gone’) in North America.

  2. Jenn completed her high school in the Enriched Program and graduated as a member of the Honour Roll and an Ontarrio Scholar. Although both her elementary and high homework load were extreme, something is truly missing. From comments Jenn, it’s amazing what seems to be missing. I agree with you chipper that the basics of education are missing. In many cases, it seems that the teaching is left to the parents AND the parent is only providing enough information to get specific homework and assignments done.

  3. When I became an Ontario Scholar I was proud. Then when I went back to my old high school to work on a project for a summer job, I found the minutes for the meeting where my grade 13 teachers ‘belled me’ and jacked my French mark by three marks so I could get the 100 dollars.

    To them that hath will be given.

  4. Hey Allegra, my marks were suppressed instead. I came out at 79.8 and contested it. I was put on the honour roll, but I was not given the Ontario scholarship. I did however get a full tuition scholarship to York in the theatre department without auditioning. I did not attend because of other financial issues.

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