I light some candles for menfolks

I light a candle for Cousin Gerald’s kinsman and his swift recovery from a horrible car accident.

I light a candle for a man who cannot keep his mouth shut. I hope and pray that this last incident teaches him at last some scintilla of tact; I light this candle in spite of my doubts. Also, may my quite large and rude crush on him please die an immediate death.

I light a candle for a former close friend.  Closets are for clothes.
I light a candle for my brother’s birthday. Jeff is so brilliant, funny, creative, hospitable and widely read that I wriggle like a happy Lab puppy when I think he’s my only sibling. And he’s coming to Vancouver and he may even stay with me a bit. Yip!

I light candles for Ben’s birthday, in binary. (This is the tradition with the ‘Villeans’ (pron. Villains)). Unusual cakes with candles for the age in binary. Highly recommended, and faster to light (because you leave some unlit, because they’re binary…)

I light a candle for RobofNine, ubergeek!

I light a candle for Paul, for keeping the negotiations real, with my thanks.

I light a candle for Keith, may he ever grow in enterprise, wisdom and compassion.

And of course pOp.

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