Baumfest was awesome – and brief – I got there around 11 pm last night and left at 9:30 this morning.  I feel about as you might expect for 4 hours sleep.   It was wonderful singing “An Evening of Serious Drinking” with Brother Jerome in the circle – I wrote it for his 25th b-day uh… some… years ago.  He still likes it, so that’s good.

There was a SERIOUS baumfire there.  When I came in the fire was throwing heat at least two meters and it was still enough we didn’t get smoked out.  There were beautiful clouds reflecting the almost full moon – I love that cold, polarized light.

Their kids are growing fast and doing well – it was great seeing the kindergarten table and chairs, and the xylophone, getting some use by real children.

Jeff is coming next weekend, yay.

Off to Lexi’s for dins and fireworks now.

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