4 thoughts on “Bruce Schneier says read this”

  1. Does anyone else find this amusing? When I use the link I get “An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie”, “What Gets Stored in a Cookie?” and finally “Go to Cookie Central for more information about cookies.” OR maybe I am delirious. I just spent a day picking up stuff for Jenn with her at the wheel. As a international soccer player, she has the eye-to-hand reflexes of a race car driver. I, however, don’t and I think the worst, scariest ride at the EX would be preferable cause me less distress.

  2. Correspondent Inference Theory makes a lot of sense. “He’s attacking me because he wants to kill me” has to be the first response because one would wish to evade the attack if possible; survival imperatives take over. Maybe after that, on an individual basis, it’s hard to think further.

  3. The US Senate voted today to double the reward for Bin Laden’s capture to $50M. He still won’t be found.
    It’s interesting how people continue to buy the line that terrorism is behind 9/11. Indeed it is, but people are looking to the wrong terrorist. It has become quite obvious that Bush and cronies are the ones terrorizing the american public.
    9/11 was created to instill fear in the american population and get them to agree to give up their rights in favour of ‘security’.
    There is getting to be wayyyyy too much evidence; the MSM coverages and followups are still fooling a lot of people, but the number of people who are becoming militant about the facts regarding 9/11 is increasing daily.
    Correspondent Inference Theory has some resonance, but even more if you use it to look at the real terrorist instead of the front man. The US gov and military machine have an undenial track record of creating terror in other countries and pinning it on ‘terrorists’. They also have an undeniable record of sacrificing the lives of their own citizens to achieve a state of war.
    Anyone watching John Stewart, or Stephen Colbert? These are the only voices breaking through on easily accessible tv.
    If you don’t believe Bush is behind 9/11, why was the NORAD agreement rewritten for air defense shortly before the event? Google that!

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