Tom and Peggy kindly invited me to dinner.  Lady Miss Banjola was there – after putting almost 600 k on her scooter, Jake, in a single day of riding.  Tom howled and cursed about the entree in a most entertaining fashion, but it was edible despite his best efforts.  Despite it being a Sunday I had good bus luck getting home.

I watched Broken Trail again yesterday, and happy I was to do it, there being a number of things I missed the first time I watched it.

My spell of vacation is coming to an end, and I’m almost happy about going back to work.  If it’s the usual vacation, I’ll come back and everything will be different and my desk will be in the basement and my red stapler will be missing….. kidding.

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  1. Broken Trail was one great movie. I positively adore Robert Duval and I fell in love with the lad who played his nephew. Perhaps, as you say, he’s not cute enough to be a leading man, but he SHOULD get the big roles.

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