Enough lobster

Man, I didn’t think I’d ever, ever, write those two words in the same sentence, but Mike M. invited me along to his mother’s 71st birthday bash and …. holy cow.

I ate jellyfish for the first time. I ate abalone for the first time. I ate sharksfin soup for the first time. I ate like an ogre and then some, and still the food kept coming, and coming, and coming. Rock cod, deep fried crab cakes, rice and egg and shrimp, lobster, scallops, cuttlefish, noodles, crispy skin chicken. And cake, and dessert.

That was a totally superlative meal at a 5 star Chinese restaurant downtown and I heartily thank the siblings who sponsored it. And, totally in Chinese tradition Lily told me to make sure I had at least one long noodle at the birthday, as it is a folkway about long life. And, totally in Chinese tradition there were children there and they ate everything with glee and behaved themselves (and considering that the eldest was already 150 pages into the last Harry Potter book, he was extraordinarily patient during a three hour meal!)
I am in a state of repletion which can only be described as blissful!

and I got complimented on my chopstick use.  Life is purty darned good right now.

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