Final details

I am pretty sure Paul and I are 98 per cent of the way there to having a separation agreement hammered out.  I just remembered something I forgot to add in (which doesn’t work out in my favour, but honesty is the best policy when the kids are watching). Other than that we’re super close and reasonably squared away about the results.  I can’t say that either of us is happy about it, but we are in agreement about what needs doing and why, and who owes what to whom, and the lawyers have pretty much stayed out of it, so we are content if not happy.

Oh, and Keith didn’t get on break fast enough to pick me up Harry Potter but it’s the thought that counts.

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3 thoughts on “Final details”

  1. My response….

    Society for Tapioca Purity…

    oh noz! Song not for drugz! Foodz! I did has tapioca!

    Most amusing, there, but the scansion needs work….

    If somebody out there really wants to make me happy, and who doesn’t, really, you can try…

    Calamari (w. reference to Cthulhu optional)
    Barrayarans (sung with disgust by Cordelia)
    Print addiction (many, many verses)
    Con Committee(s) (okay, this time it’s personal)
    Furry Fandom (ow)
    My new roommate
    I’m in Grad School
    Bought some fabric

    ….. and the little pearls of tapioca keep rolling along.

  2. Sounds like the separation agreement is going well. It was my experience that if both parties walked away saying “boy did I get screwed” then the agreement was pretty fair and equitable, but if one of the parties walked away smiling then the other one probably did get screwed.

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