3 thoughts on “Helsinki complaints choir”

  1. Yes, I agree. They were really into the lyrics. In addition, I agree with almost all of their complaints. This tells me that, language differences notwithstanding, we all get bummed out about the same things. Another way of saying we are all kin.

  2. Seems to me I saw a news item in April in the Grope & Maul wherein it was reported that Toronto also has a complaints choir. They did credit the good people of Helsinki with the original.

  3. Leo wrote to me…

    Hi there,

    I quite enjoyed the Helsinki Complaints Choir. I caught some of the
    words in Finnish and noticed that “Se on niin vaarin” got translated as “It’s not fair”. I would have translated it as “It’s so wrong” – a minor quibble.

    Did you also notice that Finns are definitely not all blonds?

    (rest of email redacted)


    (Leo is just about our longest-standing family friend – I think of him as being an uncle. He’s the guy that got me started on being so Finn friendly! And his kitchen table is still part of the family furniture.)

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