2 thoughts on “I heard about this from a coworker”

  1. This is getting manipulation down to a fine art. I suppose it was predictable. All I can say, girls, is get ’em in high school before they have time to get into this “community.” And if it’s too late for that for you, may the Parking Goddess help you.

  2. These guys have just developed a lexicon for something that has been going on ever since (at least) I have been a single woman in public. Same crap happened in high school. Guys who use pickup lines over and over again are incredibly transparent, and some woment like that. It mentions one guy who made 125 approaches in one day; well, I’ve seen men who have unabashedly made that many at one party. There have always been men who claim the best pickup line is “wanna f*%k”, because sooner or later one woman will say yes (oft quoted claim is one in ten). So locker room talk is now on the internet. Big surprise! Hey, if it leads to better grooming habits and male ‘self-improvement’ it might actually be a good thing in some cases. There have always been and will always be players. The good part for the ladies though is the idiots who think they are players. Makes for great stories after the fact. After all, there is nothing funnier than a man publicly making an ass of himself.
    Notice there is a reference to men who also pursue this for the purpose of actually finding a mate rather than just notchng up conquests.
    Why wouldn’t there be a market for this? Notice the trademarks on the gurus. If Tony Robbins can charge lots o dough to tell you how to remake yourself, why shouldn’t some enterprising sleazebag be able to rifle the pockets of men with low self esteem?
    Ever seen Keys to the VIP? Watch once, and you will see how what I say is true. IF you can stand to watch it through.

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