Tom McMurray took this pic


He says it’s the first pic he ever took with his new zoom lens.  More, more, more!



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2 thoughts on “Tom McMurray took this pic”

  1. I had thought at first this had to be a scruffy juvenile – the adults are usually quite sleek – but this morning at the feeder there was an unknown bird that was streaky brown but with the telltale white spots underneath the tips of the tail feathers. Looked it up and it was the FIRST juvenile towhee I have seen! The juveniles are not at all like the adults except in size and movement and those white spots.
    So Tom’s bird has to be either a molting adult or one who has had a particularly bad time with its adolescents. Or, I suppose, both. Little early for a molt, though. Usually they like to change into winter clothes a little later. This all tells me how very little I know about birds. Salutary.

  2. Could be changing to winter clothes because it could be an early winter coming. I have signs of that here; mice are already trying to get in to my house, and that must be a month earlier than ‘usual’.

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