7 thoughts on “More of the graduand”

  1. This is one stunningly beautiful young woman! Isn’t it REMARKABLE that she is related to me?

  2. Yes, she certainly is a pretty girl and she’s very photogenic — natural smile and beautiful eyes.

  3. Nautilus3, I’ve looked at this photograph several times and I see features of both Paul and Allegra in Katie. So, I’m thinking she probably has some of your features too. Check out photos when you were her age.

  4. Nope, nautilus3 got the brains. It’s Unca Dave that got the looks in the family. Having said that, I have to say that my mOm is one of those people who, when you look at her, just makes you feel quietly happy, which is a feelign which lasts longer than the evanescent beauty sparkling out of Katie’s eyes.
    We get too soon oldt und too late schmart.

  5. Cynical remarks suppressed. Nautilus3 is beautiful, you just need slightly better than average eyesight to see it.

  6. My first reaction to the photo was that she looks more like Nautilus3 than I have ever seen/noticed previously. Not that I have seen her granmama’s likeness at a similar age, and not that I am suggesting that Katie is looking older than she is in any way. I haven’t seen her in person for years now, and she looks quite different, I see the reflection of Nautilus3 in this photo.

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