6 thoughts on “No kidding”

  1. If Americans were this disheartened in October of ’98, imagine how they must feel under the Bush regime and the Department of Homeland security!! I’m not even American and I can’t believe this sh*t! Given my daughter goes to univeristy in Rhode Island, essentially lives most of the year in the US and frequently travels the US airways, I can’t believe this sh*t! Allegra, I’m going to send you a picture of Jenn AND then ask you whether you can imagine that this girl would be repeatedly searched (every suitcase, imaging through her casted foot, put in a room that shoots high pressure air at her, etc.). Oh and for this treatment, we paid around $750 US one way from San Francisco!! I can’t believe this sh*t either!

  2. Yes, most terrorists are young women from Canada travelling to university in the US, after all…

  3. Exactly Chipper!! Make that … young white women with a GPA of 4.0 going to Ivy League universities in the US … They have even strip searched her. All that Jenn would tell me was that they took her in a room and a female officer searched her. I decided not to push for further detail, but the Mother Bear in me wants to seek out this person and (to start with) growl at her!

  4. I understand the shoes of elders are also highly suspect. Let’s play “spot the terrorist”. I’m guessing…it’s the one in the uniform! But face it folks, the standards have been relaxed. You can now fly in to the US with nail clippers.
    What did they do with all those nail clippers and tweezers anyway? Open discount nail salons? Great way to keep the immigrant population employed now that there is no twin towers to clean…

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