2 thoughts on “Oh for the love of Pete”

  1. Today’s New Scientist reported on a Harvard study of people’s attitudes toward hurricane preparedness in the at-risk American states…the mind boggles. Responses are divided along SES and ethnic lines but ALL are unrealistic.

  2. Maybe FEMA will work next time?
    All I know is here in Madawaska, people are besides themselves when they can’t flush a toilet because the power is out. 2 tornados through Combermere last July 20something, and I had a mutiny on my hands here once the storm past. NONE of them had candles or drinking water on hand. (When I supply candles in cabins they are used for romantic purposes). Just like the lady camper who encouraged her child to be afraid of dogs, but then she wanted her to pet a weasel in the noon day sun for a photo op. When the kid got a scratch, she didn’t even have a first aid kit. She was scratched by a 4 month old staffordshire pup (milk teeth; I didn’t believe for a second she had been bitten). The kid only got scratched because she was wearing shorts, and she backed up when the puppy came to say hello. The mother wanted the dog destroyed.

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