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Allegra should be more careful about what she links to, because when you’re on dial-up cookies are murder.  Point taken; I will be more careful in future.

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12 thoughts on “Chipper sez”

  1. Slaps forehead. That’s why my computer keeps ending up with so many damm tracking cookies!

  2. me so sorry. I will likely continue to post stuff but I will place a cookie warning on things first.

  3. Actually, I guess it’s one of those things I notice and you guys don’t because I am traveling at 26400 bps. Lots of your links don’t have them, but that one did.
    What I actually said was
    “That link in your blog to the botulism site loaded about a million cookies on to my browser and made it do all kinds of weird shit. Just so you know. That is one of the things about dialup , that you won’t notice on high speed because it is high speed. I can always tell when they are parking things because the loads take forever.
    A lot of my listing sites that have security features (secure bookings (which I don’t use, I insist on knowing who I am getting)) are brutal.”
    I wasn’t actually saying that you should be careful, I was just letting you know what happens here in the land of uncle/dad dialup.
    Or is that dark ages?
    Anyway…ouch, a hair split!
    Why is there never any milk?

  4. I use Web-root’s Spy Sweeper First, I used Spybot which I downloaded for free and immediately ran Spy Sweeper. It found a lot more cookies than Spybot. I don’t know if they have a version for Mac? My main concern is the cookies that trace my preferences and possibly my personal information.

  5. Find cookies? Just reset Safari and they are gone. Or at least dump the cookie file. It means that you have to redo passwords and whatnot, but it is effective. If you reset, it means too that you need to bookmark anything from your history that you would like to keep. And don’t use the microsoftware. What OS do you have, Allegra?
    I still want to know why there is never any milk with the cookies.

  6. Allegra, which OSX? .2, or .3, or I think we are up to .4
    Jaguar, Panther, next one is Tiger? I am not even sure any more…mine is 10.2.8 because I had to pay again to go to the next level.
    Sad but true, even hot chocolate and computers cannot be put on the same desk…personally I am stunned by how many people will park a coffee beside their unit.
    I just would have thought that by now some humorous programmer would have labelled something in the guts by other food names.

  7. Ah, you have the smarter, more graphically smooth version. Just as I suspected being as you purchased your machine much more recently than I.

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