8 thoughts on “pOp DO NOT READ THIS”

  1. I will never get a Brazilian wax after reading this article. I was considering it for reasons that I won’t explain on this blog. Will however, stick with bikini wax, because it would be indecent to appear in public in a bathing suit without one! However, I will forgo the trip to the Salon and buy a do-it-at-home kit!

    I also wonder about manicures, pedicures and hair brushes at Beauty Salons!

  2. The closest I come to this kind of nonsense is getting my hair chopped off occasionally, which does NOT involve the creation of any breaks in my integument. It’s a jungle out there.

  3. The smell alone in any “beauty” parlour should send any sane person screaming back out the door.

  4. Hey Loki, I thought you’re not supposed to be reading this post!! I’m sure glad I didn’t detail the reasons I was contemplating a Brazilian Wax!

  5. Debbie, I assume that it was because our perverse society has trained us to regard hair anywhere on a woman other than on her head as ugly. I know that I find hairy legs on a woman to be unattractive even though I am aware that to think so is is completely irrational. I see that my cover has been blown. As far as the wax is concerned – I did a lot of bail hearings for prostitutes while I worked at 222 Main St. After hearing their stories I don’t think that there is much that would shock me now.

  6. Any job where you can smell your customers before you see them is not a perfect one.

  7. I buy into NO hairy legs, underarms and eyebrows. If any man asked me to get a Brazilian wax, I’d show him to the door and tell him he was a pervert. In my head, I’d be thinking “so you like little girls”. I know I am wrong in thinking this way AND that it may be irrational too! Loki, I’ve known who you are for awhile now and I think I figured out two more bloggers today. Allegra, after careful consideration, I am still at a loss for words.

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