Installed a new Canon printer/scanner/copier this morning – everything worked slick once I figured out where to put the ink cartridges.  The first picture I printed was Katie’s beautiful grad photo.  Thanks Paul for enabling this purchase to happen.  We had a LOVELY time eating dinner on the back deck at Planet Bachelor last night and stopped over briefly at Suzanne’s to admire her gorgeous new apartment in New West.

I am doing something I have never done at work since the day I started here.

I am sleeveless. 

I have found a videographer to do my Youtube video.  Oh, I guess I didn’t mention that.  I guess I’m in planning stages, but the Tapioca Song belongs to the world – and Youtube is the world.

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  1. Please, please, please let us know when you get your video up on Youtube — I am so excited for you! Congrats on your new Canon printer AND competence in installing this device. We have a Dell printer/scanner/copier/fax AND I can never seem to find the right software to scan anything beyond a Word document — I have never figured out how to install the software for the fax function.

  2. First the flood warnings, now the forest fire warnings. I have heard about the heat wave that has hit Vancouver, but can’t tell from the weather network, if your area and the GVA is in any danger of forest fires? I hope you are enjoying the heat, it’s rainy/cold in Ottawa and I feel sorry for anyone trying to enjoy a vacation around here. I wonder how the weather is affecting Chipper’s business?

  3. It’s supposed to rain this weekend, but the Dalai Jarmo says we won’t get significant rain until the first quarter of the moon.

    Chipper – care to weigh in on the glories of being first time campers in the rain?

  4. Well, are were campers here, usually unusual because of bugginess this time of year. The rain chased one family out who I had suggested that they move up the grounds a bit. This location is not really popular this time of year. August brings more on.
    There has been a trickle of trailer traffic, something I haven’t seen much since Algonqun installed an additional 2500 hookups.
    Cabin bookings are bizarre this year in general. I have no confirmed bookings for the end of July, the week that runs into the civic holiday weekend. It’s usually the one with the most turnaways due to fullness.
    EnviroCan longterm forecast was hot and dry. I said tropical. Now I am predicting an early winter because…I had a mouse trying to eat it’s way through the wall in to my house this morning when I awoke. Kitty looks full, so I guess my banging on the wall beside the chewing noise scared it sufficiently

  5. I guess there are worse things than cold weather for ACTIVE campers. For example, grizzly bear enters front of family tent and exits through rear wall in Tunnel Mountain, Banff, Alberta in July — park refuses to re-imburse said family for the remainder of their stay as this is just one of the hazards of camping!! As far as interior camping goes (portages & canoeing part) and hiking the trails, the cold weather wouldn’t seem so bad MAYBE. As for me, I’d have to invest in a lot warmer sleeping bag. Chipper, even your mouse seems to think (or did think) it’s too damn cold to stay outside.

  6. People interior canoe and camp in the beginning of May. Real campers are prepared. Most people who say they camp are really just living outside and making a mess. They don’t have skills, just a bunch of gear from Crappy Tire, things with buttons and knobs and ripstop sleeves with logos on them. The people who got flooded had the most idiotic brand new tent I have ever seen; they were novices.
    Had people here 2 summers ago who won a Coleman camping package from Timmy’s, and I am sad to report that that was a pile of junk too, except the cooler. New coolers keep ice forever if they are kept in the shade. Tara and Terry woke up literally floating on their air mattress in a pool of water.
    I had a couple camp here once in October and complain it was really too hot for camping. They were from Alaska.

  7. We can barely tolerate car camping, but have done so for Jenny’s sake (occasionallly) throughout the years. One time, a family was camped just behind us — the father lay in his lounge chair drinking beer, the 3 children ran around screaming and I don’t know what the mother did (probably just tried to cope). Jim and I are OK if we don’t see people while interior camping — we’re there to see & hear nature and generally de-stress. We’ve been caught in two memorable tornado’s (which lifted our tent off the ground, luckily we were weighting it down) and a hurricane in which the tent collapsed with us in it and the canoe was blown into the lake. I am happy to report that we did not get wet. I am on my second set of interior camping gear — the first set did not fail, but we took Jenn camping once when she was a baby and said this is so over! It’s not hard to get good camping equipment — Trailhead in Ottawa is great and many go to Mountain Equipment Co-op (which I just don’t like). Chipper do you have interior camping at your spot?

  8. My spot is independent of Algonquin Park. Interior camping is when you go out side the organized campgrounds and in to the interior of Algonquin Park, generally canoe tripping. My place is a small campground with 40 sites and 4 cabins on about 10 acres of land. The term ‘interior camping’ is not applicable.
    Occasionally people car camp here, but mostly if they have nowhere to stay on long weekends because they didn’t make a reservation anywhere, and wind up sleeping in their car. Mostly people have a tent or a trailer when they camp.

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