5 thoughts on “the grad….”

  1. I love love love the middle picture. Everyone looks ready to explode with pride, or at least dance a merry jig.

  2. Congratulations Katie! You and Paul must be very proud parents. Likewise, Loki and Nautilus3 must be very pleased as well. I forgot how easy it would be for you to find a beautiful background living in Vancouver!

  3. Oh, the Diamond Alumni Centre is a little jewel of a building, stuck out over the cliff that drops into Burrard Inlet. Abso-lute-ly gorgeous. Do I look like a… lopside fairy? I thought I looked like a tubby middle aged woman, but your mileage may vary.

  4. Allegra, you look magical. However, I do think Keith has a well-developed sense of humour and I laughed for at least 20 minutes when I read what Keith said when you asked him “How do I look?” Really, if he comes up with stuff like that on a regular basis, he may have a future in comedy. I did tell Keith (in an e-mail) that he should NEVER say such things about his mother again.

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