3 thoughts on “Too funny….”

  1. The liquor is good but the meat is rotten. (The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak – English to Russian and back again.) Language has pitfalls never dreamed of in the philosophies of academic translators.

  2. Brooke, collapsed with laughter: “That’s got to be photoshopped… hasn’t it?”
    Joe: “I bet there’s a registry online where you could find out!”
    Brooke: “I am NOT googling titan uranus. I learned my lesson with googling “long dong silver””

  3. Best … evar … intertnests search story. One of the IT guys at work, a man who is the very model of intelligence, urbanity, work ethic and joie de vivre (yeah, he doesn’t sound much like a IT guy, do he? But je digress…) found out that Vancouver was going to make, as part of its downtown upgrade/makeover/epatez les touristes thang – decorative manhole covers. WHILE AT WORK he googled it, and could be heard saying wo… WHOA, WHOA!! WHOA! as he tried to snuff pop up windows with twinkling ani from around the world. He came staggering over to my desk – he sits mere steps away – with eyes spinning and face drawn, and said, with fervent sincerity, Well I’m never doing THAT again!

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