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My friend Elly is the subject of a ten minute documentary about her recovery from bipolar illness. As I have seen her in a very bad way, and been her friend over 20 years, and I conveniently live in Vancouver, I got elected to talk a bit about the difference between then and now. Frankly, she’s not the same person, and everybody’s really happy about that, especially Elly.
Recovery from mental illness is not always possible. It is not easy to have enough insight to start working on it. Step one, take responsibility for it. Step two, learn to cope with stress and learn what your triggers are. Step three, eatrightexercisemeditate&sleep. Step four, let people into your life who support your recovery with open arms, and move away from people who don’t support your recovery – without taking on a big load of grief or guilt. Rinse. Repeat. The steps are simple. Doing it is backbreaking work. I’d like to point out the link to her website here, commercial plug.
The energy level, sincerity and professionalism of the VFS students making the film was a palpable thing – I got a contact high hanging out with them.

And one of them showed me a Youtube video he made. It was SO GOOD! I think I’ll watch it again. It’s called Making me Nervous, and the band is called Brad Sucks.

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  1. So where’s Elly’s link? I found reference to it by googling Elly’s Journey but that’s all.???

    Yes. Back-breaking work, and as you infer, probably outside the capability of many with mental illness. I can think of a kinswoman where it worked, and another who didn’t try.

  2. Maybe me. I can’t find the link to Elly’s Journey either. I’ve been watching for your answer to Nautilus3 … and I still can’t see it.

  3. OK “Who’s Crazy Now?” on the side blog roll which by the way doesn’t show when logged into “Comments”. I’ll go with Debbie’s not too smart this morning!! Need more coffee.

  4. I’m kinda slow myself this a.m. so it took me a while to figger out a) what the problem was and b) that I don’t know how to fix it….

  5. Now don’t go making it too easy for us. It’s good for me to scratch my head and have to figure out stuff. Especially early in the morning. LOL!!

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