5 thoughts on “Public service denouncement”

  1. Doesn’t look different from any other mosquito, does she? It’s a she, of course. They require a mammalian blood meal to lay eggs. The female of the species, as Kipling has it, is more deadly than the male. But somehow I don’t think the “good plague” that the world needs is going to come from her and her kind. Instead it’s going to come out of left field – some microorganism as yet unknown, lurking in some unsuspected host, waiting for its opportunity.

  2. Indeed. 42 people infected so far in Manitoba this year. 4 were caught through blood screening.

    I am aware that you aren’t supposed to start a sentence with a number if it isn’t spelled out, but I strenuously object to this rule.

  3. By left field, I mean something that has yet to be identified, yet to be armed against…

    You can use numerics at the beginning of sentences for all of me. After the dangling of prepositions became legitimized, I knew the battle had been lost.

  4. I thought that was participles. Remember, Liz and I used to say things like, “He jumped out from behind the bushes, with his participles dangling menacingly”!?

    I sincerely think that my addiction to adverbs came from those days. Raaaaahlly, I do.

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