4 thoughts on “Somebody who doesn’t understand copyright”

  1. Ya hafta wonder when somebody will get hinky and force this guy to take it down, but I have to say that Bill NEVER LICENCED anything except the books themselves, and the more obvious spinoffs like calendars, but he flatly refused to sign away licensing rights for anything else. If you see a C&H t-shirt it’s ripped off, and all of those Calvin peeing on things decals for cars and trucks are likewise ripped off.

    Over the years I bought or was given virtually all the digests, so I think the whole notion is great – I feel like I already paid for it. Bill’s not talking about the strip though – it’s been years since he gave an interview. I’m thinking of doing an essay called ‘THE ONES WHO WALKED AWAY’ about people who were the best of the best in sports or entertainment or pop culture or dance or art and who decided, for themselves, to walk away. Bill Watterson is one; Amy Daczyszyn (pron Decision) is another. Yeah, you’ve never heard of her. Perhaps “The Tightwad Gazette” rings a bell. She wrote three books, and then she and her hubby figured she had enough money to help her six kids get through college and told the publishing world to take a hike.

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