Aw gone

So I’m out of the old place completely, and apart from swimming in a sea of crap – Jeff is being patient, because I know I have to disappear the crap before the party on Friday – I am feeling pretty good about it.

My good feelings are grounded in three events of yesterday – Katie’s efficient and tireless assistance in the packing, cleaning & moving, and the unpacking when I got here because of course I couldn’t hang around, I had to take the truck back instantly – watching this movie (highly recommended) as the three of us collapsed after I sponsored a meal over at the James Street Cafe – and Mike dropping by.  Supportive friends and family are part of what makes life worth living.

Anyway I’ve got half an hour to fetch laundry from downstairs and get clean and clothed, but at least me and all my clothes are in one place now!  Ack, down one person at work – can’t be late.

I don’t even feel too rough this morning, although I had a hard time getting off the couch last night!

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