Safely home

Jeff and Katie are home from their trek to Victoria; the cats appeared to have survived my tender ministrations, but Gizmo was so intent on keeping Jeff in view that he accompanied him to the landpeer’s house and would have gone inside if not restrained.  Foolish feline!  There be dogs there! Not but Gizmo doesn’t like the occasional scrap with dogs.

Bob Asprin has died.  He is memorialized by Tom Smith, one of the handful of people who make a living in filk, here.

From Patricia I have wonderful news which I cannot repeat, as the explanations would be tedious and lingering; suffice it to say that for once the wheels of justice have ground the ingredients for a tasty loaf instead of hard tack.

I sure hope the weatherpersons are wrong – it’s setting up for another partly rainy weekend.

I am now double booked for June 14th.  I don’t plan anything for weeks and then it starts piling up.

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3 thoughts on “Safely home”

  1. Daughter Jenn and new BF were driven to Montreal for an early flight to Mexico (P.V.) SO now I’m looking forward to her return. Getting up at 1:30 a.m. to drive to the airport is way harder at 50 than it would have been at 20!!

  2. Jim and I can usually plan a program that doesn’t over tax us BUT when Jenn comes in with a plan, this plan will always have a over-the-top component. God help us when the grandchildren start coming along and we have to relieve Jenny at 2 yrs ALL OVER AGAIN. No amount of time at the gym is going to prepare us for this!!

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