Dr. Filk is in da house

While Jeff and I were cleaning up Eddie barf at 4:30 this morning (happy barfday to me!) Jeff said, quietly, “There is a large hairy naked man sleeping in the livingroom!”  This is by way of being a family meme and is in no way a complaint.

A long time ago I wrote a poem for my mOm in which she is alleged to have said things like “Loki, Wizardry won’t boot!” and “Who is sleeping in the livingroom?”

The downstairs neighbour just back from work and is trying to sneak around and get a snack and be quiet.  We should just tell em not to worry about it… what with one thing and another we always seem to be awake by now.

Now, back to bed.

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One thought on “Dr. Filk is in da house”

  1. Many happy reorientations! (Bonus points of you recognize the allusion.) Say hello to Dr. Filk for us. And have a happy filking birthday.

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