Valentines Day

I’m off to the BCCDC to get my last hep shots.  Hey, free shots for a food borne illness when we’re about to experience the collapse of civilization?  I’m in.

Jeff and I had a brief talk about what to do given that the bottom continues to fall out, and we have some issues to explore but have made not decisions.  Gunsmiths, locksmiths, and people who breed security dogs will probably do okay. These are not things I want to do.

My blood work and holter monitor stuff happens next weekend.

My eHarmony dude and I will be dining in White Rock this evening.  I am very much looking forward to it.  I’m just working on his Valentine card, which hopefully he will find amusing rather than unsettling.

I dunno about this guy.  I think he’s got me figured out.  When I said I hadn’t gone to the doc yet after my spell last week, he said, “That’s just stupid.  If it’s something you can fix, fix it.  Remember, if you have a stroke, you’ll just end up being a burden.”

Allegra goes to doctor pronto.  And loses her hat.

Hissed at Patricia yesterday, but she was right (of course…. why do I bother??)  I was cheesed off at the customer, but I googled him and found out he’s litigious.  All better now.  Don’t poke the bear!