Valentine’s Day approacheth

I have gotten some but not all of the Valentines cards ready.

I go to the doctor this morning.  Jeff’s going to drive me and then take me in to work.  I slept okay but my chest still feels funny; it doesn’t exactly hurt.

I’m making waffles.  We had leftovers last night.  Lima beans make for really dreadful gas, but there’s sort of a running contest around here (I’m losing, just so we keep it straight) so no harm done.

I’ve got a date for Saturday night.  I don’t mind a restaurant meal –  I really want to see the dog!  All 110 pounds of her.

LTGW called last night to check up on me.  I like it when people phone me.

I feel really stupid these days.  Honestly, I think in the last month I’ve lost about 20 IQ points.  You won’t get any argument from Jeff.  I just wish I could have oxygen all the time, that was so lovely.  Dries you out though. John V. warned me after I got the O2 that I’d be coughing for the rest of the day.